I confess, my obsession with hats started after I started watching White Collar. I don’t think any guy can pull of a fedora as well as Matt Bomer/Neal Caffrey can.
So while Neal Caffrey set off my search for the perfect fedora, Charlotte Russe was the one to finish it. I found a fedora that fit me perfectly a few days ago and I think I’m in love with it. I can wear it in so many different ways and it totally changes the look of an outfit.
My favorite way to wear it is to tie my hair back in a messy low bun and wear the hat on top. A few strands always escape from my bun, and it just looks really casual and cute. I also think it looks really cute with my hair in a side braid or just with my hair loose.
And since its a simple hat in neutral colors, I’ll have fun dressing it up with small pins when I start getting bored of it…not that that’s going to happen anytime soon.
All in all, I think fedoras are great statement pieces and definitely a great investment. At 12 dollars its not like you have much to lose :).
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mooshoo’s handmade wooden folk art magnets. :P

 love these…and they are magnets!
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Very true… sometime people aren’t worth your time but the ones who are will get all of you…What more can you ask for… :) 
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I would say only one reblog counts because I don’t want it to be unfair. Thanks for asking!